A Look Back at Bradley Whitford’s Varied TV Career


Bradley Whitford has already had a hell of a career, and tonight he adds a new gig to his resume: choir director. 

Whitford stars in NBC's Perfect Harmony as Arthur Cochran, a depressed former Harvard music professor who stumbles upon a small town choir in need of some musical direction, and while he's not new to comedies, the show is a big leap from Whitford's most recent role on The Handmaid's Tale

“I really wanted to do a comedy,” Whitford said at the TV Critics Association summer press tour, explaining that it was creator Jason Winer who attracted him to this particular show, as well as the focus on music. 

“I knew I wanted to work with Jason, and then I read Lesley [Wake]'s script, and I thought it was just about a personal, specific, genuine and about something that I think is helpful now, which is just how music can bring people who are very different together in a lovely way, and I say all that pretentious stuff knowing that all that really matters is that it's funny as hell,” he said. 

During the panel, a reporter asked how Whitford had avoided typecasting throughout his career, which has often jumped between comedy and drama with a fair amount of ease. 

“First of all, getting typecast is kind of a compliment, but a prison, because it means you did that one thing well, and unfortunately, in Hollywood if you do something well, that's all they want you to do because there's a lot of money at stake,” he said. “I don't know. You always get typecast by the last thing that you did. I sort of look at it I realize I just want to do different completely different kinds of acting to the point where I can't apply my approach from one of the projects to the other. That's the most exciting thing for me.” 

With guest roles on TV's biggest dramas and comedies, Whitford has definitely proven he loves to switch it up. 

Check out his biggest TV roles below!

Bradley Whitford, ER


Bradley Whitford, The Secret Lives Of Men

Getty Images

Bradley Whitford, Moira Kelly, The West Wing

Getty Images

Bradley Whitford, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Scott Garfield/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks, The Good Guys

Kelley Chinn/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT

Bradley Whitford, William H. Macy, Shameless

Cliff Lipson/SHOWTIME

Bradley Whitford, Bailee Madison, Trophy Wife

Danny Feld/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Bradley Whitford, Happyish


Bradley Whitford, Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Eddy Chen/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Bradley Whitford, Anna Faris, William Fichtner, Nicole Sullivan, Mom

Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Bradley Whitford, Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent


Bradley Whitford, Valley of the Boom

National Geographic/Bettina Strauss

Bradley Whitford, The Handmaid's Tale

Jasper Savage/Hulu

Perfect Harmony airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC. 

E! and NBC are both part of the NBC Universal family. 

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