Watch Kylie Jenner and Her BFF Stassie Undergo Lasik Surgery Together


Kylie Jenner, Stassie Karanikolaou


It's true what they say: friends who go through surgery together, stay together! 

Kylie Jenner and her BFF Stassie Karanikolaou had some important work done this week—lasik! On Stassie's YouTube channel on Tuesday, the influencer posted a video about some work she got done while around town with her friends. Combined with the fact that she needed to get her breast implants readjusted, she also revealed that she and Kylie were going under the knife to get their eyes fixed. 

The video gave viewers a front seat look into Stassie's surgery, with a little peak at a disoriented Kylie. “We just finished our surgery,” Stassie said before she turned the camera to Kylie. “How do you feel?” Kylie was clearly a little too out of it to explain to her friends her exact state of mind. 

Stassie revealed later that the two crashed at Kylie's house after their surgery and slept for “5 hours.” 

“Guess who can see?” Stassie asked before revealing their perfect vision. “We just got our follow-up appointment from the doctor and we see 20/15, better than 20/20 vision.” Naturally, the two had a friend who decided to throw them a party to celebrate their newfound vision. They wore matching dresses and rented a party bus. 

“My sight has been born,” Kylie joked. “It's my f–king birthday.” 

These two sure know how to make anything a good time. 

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