The Masked Singer Double Shock as Rhino Is Eliminated and Ken Jeong Finally Guesses Right

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The Masked Singer switched format this week by giving us a two-hour extravaganza — and one of Nick Cannon‘s most decadent ensembles yet. Our Father of Fabulous Fashion for Fearless Men rocked a white tuxedo jacket, but if you thought a plain old tuxedo jacket would be good enough for Nick, well, you should bedazzle a boat with a million rhinestones and sail away in it forever, because you obviously don't know Nick and you don't know fashion, sweetie. For this episode, Nick had a ginormous serpent skinned, and then turned that skin into a white tuxedo jacket, and that, kids, is why you haven't seen a Snake singer on The Masked Singer yet.

What we did see in this episode was a lovely group rendition of “Simply the Best” by the remaining singers, guest judge Jay Pharoah do celebrity impersonations (yeah, I know, he's still doing that) and Rhino go home. Read on to see who it was, what else happened and more clues.

Night Angel
She did a great job with “How to Love” by Lil Wayne and, I don't know about you, but I didn't know Lil Wayne sang ballads? I didn't love this song choice, but she slayed it.
This week's clues: She said years ago someone close to her died. She said “free your mind.” We saw a football and a soccer ball. During a weird presentation in front of the judges, she showed them moons on her costume.
The guesses: Jay said Dawn Robinson from En Vogue. Ken Jeong said Ciara. Jenny McCarthy said Kandi Burruss which is obviously the answer.

Masked Singer Season 3: Ironclad Theories About Each Masked Celebrity's Identity

His take on “Jealous” by Nick Jonas was okay. He's done so many songs better than this throughout the competition, TBH.
This week's clues: He said he was pigeonholed as an artist. Then he raved about Robin Thicke, his childhood idol. We saw a bellman's hat, then a sign that read Back. He showed the judges a huge ring the size of a Ring Pop.
The guesses: Ken said Kevin Richardson. Nicole guessed Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Robin said Justin Guarini.

He did a beautiful version of “Humble and Kind” by Tim McCraw, and played the guitar while doing so — or at least pretended to play the guitar.
This week's clues: He said there was a point earlier in his career where he faced many failures and literally wore a mask to hide his shame. When he came to the judges for a closer look he showed off his baby rhino pin. Check out some other clues here.
The guesses: Ken finally made sense and said the name that makes the most sense. After doing his seven millionth impersonation of Jay-Z, Jay Pharoah finally said Blake Shelton.

“Hip Hop Hooray” from Naughty by Nature gave Frog yet another opportunity to showcase his exceptional talents. He enunciated every word clearly, and while running up and down the stage! Impressive.
This week's clues: We saw Frog on the basketball court, and he did a slam dunk. He was electrocuted. We saw a sign with 10,00 on it, and hair rollers? He reminded us he has a kid at home. His up-close moment revealed a pin that read Mom. See some previous clues here.
The guesses: Jenny said Chance the Rapper. Jay and Robin said the guy we're pretty sure it is too.

In the end, Rhino proved my prediction about who'd go to the finals wrong and got eliminated! His identity, though, was no surprise: it was Barry Zito!

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays 8/7c on Fox.

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