The Vast Of Night Ending Explained: What Happened To Everett And Fay?


The first thing to keep in mind is that the story happens all in one night (and in real-time) as a high school basketball game is taking place, at which much of the local populace is in attendance, ultimately distracted from the unusual events to come. Everett and Fay, however, have no choice but to discover the ominous sound, due to having occupations in which audio is key, eventually plunging them into the increasingly unnerving investigation. Said investigation both incites intrigue and doubt from our heroes, with caller Billy (Bruce Davis) claiming he witnessed the spacecraft that caused the sound keeping Everett’s interest, but he loses faith after Mabel Blanche’s story of her son’s supposed alien abduction, which soon proves to be, quite possibly, the most useful information they may have received.

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