15 Great Movies That Explore Race And Social Justice


There are plenty of other movies that explore race and social justice (and this article is just focusing on the African American experience. There are other films that highlight the Asian, Latinx and Native American communities, among others), but in this crucial moment, we thought it important to spotlight the talents of African American creatives. Thankfully, all races and creeds have come out to support Black lives and denounce the horrific events that have befallen George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice and so many others. And as ugly and wrong as their murders were, the solidarity that has come out around the world has been beautiful to watch.

Cinema often puts a spotlight on injustice, and at times, it also puts a spotlight on people coming together. Unfortunately, something of this nature is likely to happen again, and we would hope that those in power would do what they can to combat such injustice. But if anything, it's been encouraging to see that Hollywood and even citizens with cell phones are making efforts to document these issues. There's certainly still a long road ahead, but hopefully, these recent events can help lead to the change we're hoping for. Thus is the power of the camera.

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