Natalie Portman: 11 Fascinating Facts About The Star Wars And Marvel Actress


Natalie Portman Returned To Marvel Thanks To Taika Waititi

While Natalie Portman's relationship with Marvel was seemingly fraught with difficulties, it came as a delightful surprise to many MCU fans to learn that she would return to play Jane Foster in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. The third Thor sequel will not only feature the famous actress, but have her playing a prominent role as Female Thor. It was a huge get for writer/director Taika Waititi, and during a recent interview, he explained how he got Portman back in the MCU. As it turns out, it wasn't really that difficult. As he put it, at least, he came up to Portman and he asked if she'd be interested in returning but “doing something really different.” Turns out, she was interested in the fresh possibility of doing something unique, and hopefully fun, as Jane Foster.

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