Donald Trump’s RNC Speech Drew 2 Million Fewer Viewers Than Joe Biden’s DNC Speech

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Viewership numbers are in for the final night of the Republican National Convention, and it looks like the Democratic National Convention has swept the ratings game. For the fourth night in a row, the DNC's numbers beat out the RNC's, this time by a margin of 2 million viewers.

President Donald Trump took the stage in front of the White House to close out the final night of the RNC, speaking for over an hour. In his speech, he continued to push the “America First” agenda and strongly supported law enforcement despite the recent political unrest regarding police brutality. Ultimately, his lengthy speech scored about 21.6 million viewers in total across the major networks.

A week earlier, Vice President Joe Biden wrapped up the DNC with a much shorter speech lasting about 25 minutes. In it, he spoke out against partisanship, criticized President Trump for fanning the flames of hatred in the U.S., and promised to “choose hope over fear, facts over fiction, fairness over privilege.” Biden's speech ended up garnering 24.6 million viewers, making it the most-watched night of either convention. 

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Last night's viewership mirrors the trend set all week in RNC and DNC ratings comparisons. Opening night numbers saw a substantial lead for the DNC by almost 3 million viewers, though night two saw Melania Trump narrow the gap. Third night numbers for the respective conventions favored the DNC, as Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris scored 5.7 million more viewers than Vice President Mike Pence.

For more ratings, read up on the RNC and DNC numbers from Night 1Night 2, and Night 3 of the conventions. 

Joe Biden and Donald TrumpJoe Biden and Donald Trump

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