The Dumbest Marvel Opinion I’ve Ever Had Was About The First Avengers Movie


I don’t want to write this article, but in a moment of weakness, I told a co-worker about my long buried Avengers opinion, who told another co-worker, who told another co-worker (shoutout REO Speedwagon) and well, here we are now. Might as well just accept my fate and embrace my shame. Before the first Avengers movie came out, I pitched maybe the most regrettable article of my life. It was mercifully shot down by an editor multiple times here at CinemaBlend because God does exist and didn’t want this freezing cold take to follow me around for the rest of my life. But then I opened my stupid mouth, and maybe I should scrap that last sentence.

Anyway, the article title was the following: The Avengers Movie Is A Dumb Idea Because It Can’t Support That Many Main Characters.

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