The Bold Type Stars Share Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Stories of the Yoni Egg Scene

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Over the course of four seasons, The Bold Type has lifted us up with inspiring moments, devastated us with emotional truths, and given us several serious cases of the giggles. That's why it was so hard to pick just three scenes to have the cast rewatch as part of TV Guide's 100 Best Shows ranking. In the end, we managed to narrow down the selection to some of our all-time favorite moments from the show so far, and the girl's commentary on the scenes gave us a better buzz than the best bottle of rosé. 

Perhaps our favorite part of the rewatch was when Aisha DeeKatie Stevens, and Meghann Fahy looked back on the infamous Yoni egg scene from the second episode of the first season. In case it's not permanently seared into your brain, this is the moment where Jane (Stevens) meets Kat (Dee) and Sutton (Fahy) in the fashion closet to ask for help removing a Yoni egg from her vagina after it accidentally got stuck.

When filming the scene, Stevens wore Spanx underneath her outfit, “and the Yoni egg was in the Spanx, and Aisha had to reach her hand up there” to retrieve the egg, Stevens explained.

“And we did do takes where I would pull out a rubber ducky or car keys instead, because we're wild children,” added Dee.

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Sutton's role during this incident was mainly emotional support, but Fahy still found a way to bring her own off-the-cuff humor to the scene. While telling Jane soothing things to keep her relaxed, Sutton instructs her to imagine they're drunk on the beach with a pack of puppies running toward them in slow motion — a line Fahy actually improvised on set.

“That was all ad-libbed, and it just goes to show how well Meghann knows me; a beach, being drunk, and puppies will make me go to my happy place,” Stevens quipped.

The actresses revisit more of the show's best moments in the video above.

The Bold Type is available to stream on Hulu.

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