Watch Drag Race Holland Bring Joe Exotic to Snatch Game


Many things are different on Drag Race Holland—the language, the celebrities, the judges, the host—but it does still have at least one thing in common with America's Drag Race, and that is a love of questionable reality TV stars. It's also got Snatch Game. 

E! News has an exclusive first look at Drag Race Holland‘s first installment of the fan fave Drag Race challenge, which forces the queens to impersonate celebs in a game show format, and you will absolutely recognize at least one of the celebs being impersonated. Er, you might not call him a celeb, but you'll recognize him either way: Joe Exotic, brought to new life by contestant ChelseaBoy

Of course, Joe Exotic was the subject of Netflix's Tiger King (which somehow only came out earlier this year, if you can believe it) and he is currently in prison.  

As expected, ChelseaBoy's makeup is on point and the voice is pretty good, too. 

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